Our Vision

We aim for the younger generation of India to have access to one of the world’s leading economies and platform for advanced job opportunities with attractive income levels in the heart of Europe – Germany.

Our Mission

We at Nexenstial Placements offer the training programmes supported by government of Germany. We provide the desired job-oriented skill development to people who want to live a quality life with employment in Germany.

We believe that we are equipped with the right tools and resources to guide you to a career, best suited for you, and create and support all the opportunities possible. With our advanced job-oriented skill development training according to German standards and requirements, we help you achieve your dream of living and working in Germany.

About Us


We are customised and supported to fulfil all the criteria of Skilled Immigration Act (Fachkräfte-Einwanderungsgesetz), 2020 from non EU countries.

Our areas of operation includes the following: German Language Training, Up-skill Development, Cultural Integration, Apprenticeship Placement, Assistance in Documentation of Visa Dossier, Matching right German Government agency for recognition of Qualification.

We aid our participants successfully complete an advanced education or a re-training for complete European Union. Nexenstial Placements provides the desired opportunity to people who want to learn, work, and settle with a state of art-lifestyle in Germany.


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USP Germany

  • Excellent Human Development Index
  • Guaranteed Jobs
  • Low/No Tuition Fees
  • Top-Ranked Universities
  • Countless Degree Courses
  • Globally Recognized Study Programs
  • affordable Cost of Living and State of Art Lifestyle
  • Work Opportunities for International Students
  • Learn a New Language
  • Diverse Community
  • Cultural and Historical Heritage

  • Procedure

  • Contact Nexenstial Placements.INC.
  • Apply for The Recruitment Programme
  • Skill Development for Employment
  • Take B1 German Language Test
  • Application for Visa
  • Globally Recognized Study Programmes
  • Get Visa and Fly to Germany
  • Further Training B2 Level German and Vocational Training
  • Our Services

    We will accompany you all the way from skill development in India to completing vocational training programmes in Germany and ultimately beginning your professional journey in Germany

    Up Skill Development

    Job Ready and Migration

    Interview Training

    Screening and Aptitude Test

    Mock Interview with Native Trainers

    German Cultural Environment Training

    Arrival / Pickup at Airports in Germany

    Bank Account Opening

    Blocked Account Guidance

    Language Training


    Visa Dossier

    Guaranteed on Job Training Contract with Stipend

    Verification of Documents

    Health Insurance

    Medical / Vaccination Check-Up

    Sim Card

    Economical Accommodations

    Educational Programmes and Jobs

    Masters and Bachelor’s in Healthcare and Nursing
    Masters and Bachelor’s in Healthcare and Nursing
    Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy
    Bachelor’s in
    Degree and Diploma in Culinary Arts (Chef)
    Degree and Diploma in Culinary Arts (Chef)
    Bachelor’s in Engineering And Technology
    Bachelor’s in Engineering
    and Technology


    'Ausbildung' is the German term for an apprenticeship in various professions during the study. It is a form of a vocational training programme in professions such as Nurse, Chef, Secretary,Technician and many more. Vocational training has an important role in high-end business professions. With an 'Ausbildung' (full title: 'Berufsausbildung') you get a state-controlled degree as a skilled worker providing huge perspectives for living and working in Germany even if you are a citizen of a non-EU country. An Ausbildung starts each year in March / April and August / September depending on the field of Ausbildung.


      Minimum Qualification: 10 + 2
      Age Limit: Up to 30 Years
      Level of Language Required: B2 Level
      Language Certification: TELC / Goethe


    Germany is one of the most advanced countries in the world. The German Government has started inviting skilled and talented people from the non-EU countries to make Germany their new home. The dual education policy and vocational programme make it easy for skilled professionals to migrate to Germany and boost their career with high remuneration and best quality of life.


      Qualification: 4 Years of Degree
      Experience: Minimum 2 Years
      Age limit: Up to 45 Years
      Level of language required: B2 Level (Up to B1 Level in case of Engineer)
      Language certification: TELC / Goethe Trainee’s

    Road Map to Germany

    In India

    1. Contact Nexenstial Placements

    Working abroad is always a turning point in life, for that you need right guidance and knowledge. Contact us to know in detail about basic information of the programme such as: job offers, recruitment process, skill development, salary, living standards, employment needs etc.


    2. Select the Educational Skill Development Program

    All interested candidates will apply for the Nexenstial Placements India skill development programme. This will also include equalization of their academic qualification, verification of their credentials and check if the qualification fall within the definition of skilled work for German Market.

    3. Skill Development for Employment (1-8 Months)

    This includes Language Training and Cultural Orientation. Our candidates will undergo job specific German language training for obtaining proficiency until B1/B2 Goethe standard. Along with the language training, the candidates will be made familiar with the German culture, work ethics, system and Germany which be part of our Cultural Orientation


    4. Take B1 German Language Test (8th Month)

    After 8 months of German language training from level A1 to B1, the candidates will sit for the B1 GOETHE exam. GOETHE stands for The European Language Certificates, which is roughly translated as European language certificate. GOETHE‘s certificate is recognized by the European Union and is eligible to apply for a visa for all purposes such as apprenticeship, work etc.

    5. Application for VISA

    After passing the B1 GOETHE exam, we will assist the candidates to prepare for the dossier to apply for the VISA


    6. Get VISA and Fly to Germany

    After obtaining VISA, the candidates will fly to Germany.

    In Germany

    7. Further Training for B2 Level German and Subsequent to which the Candidates will begin their Vocational Training (Apprenticeship).

    During the course of their vocational training the candidates will be paid a stipend according to their profession.


    German Language Training

    To begin the Vocational Training (Apprenticeship) where the candidate will be paid stipend (800-1200 EUR/month), a strong command over the German Language is required. (Minimum Requirement: B1 GOETHE) We help our candidates through our tools and trainers to achieve language proficiency for successful clearance of B1 Goethe Exam. The next step is to continue with the onsite language training for B2 Level German Language in Germany.


    German Level A1

    A1 course is the beginning level of the German language program. After the course, students can use very simple sentences to serve the essential needs of life.

    Duration - 7 Weeks
    Training Units - 150 Units
    After Completion candidates will be able to

    1. Understand the common simple sayings every day to serve your essential needs: such as introduction of name, career, asking directions if the speaker is slow and easy to understand.
    2. Write simple sentences.
    3. Fill personal information into the forms.
    4. Read and speak numbers, prices and time.
    German Level A2

    A2 course is the next level of the German language program. This is a mandatory level to apply for VISA by the Embassy of Germany on the basis of marriage or family reunion.

    Duration - 12 Weeks
    Training Units - 300 Units
    After Completion candidates will be able to

    1. Get the gist of interview conversations about a topic on television.
    2. articles, interviews or letters, information from government, banks, insurance or companies.
    3. Fill personal information into the forms.
    4. Read and speak numbers, prices and time.
    German Level B1

    German course B1 is a language course for those who want to study or work in Germany. Having B1 certificate is the minimum required for international students when applying for VISA to Germany.

    Duration - 7 Weeks
    Training Units - 150 Units
    After Completion candidates will be able to

    1. Understand simple sayings that are common in everyday life when speakers speak slowly and easily to understand.
    2. Understand the main ideas of conversations and listening to German on TV or public facilities, such as speakers at the Station.
    3. Understand and fill personal information into forms that aren’t too complicated like bank papers or insurance documents.
    4. Write letters with simple content.
    5. Use more complex sentence patterns that use hyphenation.


    German Level B1

    B2 German course is an advanced German course. Students who successfully complete and have a B2 certificate are eligible to participate in an apprenticeship as soon as they enter Germany. The course is taught by native teachers and lecturers at major universities.

    Cultural Orientation

    Along with the Job-specific German Language Training, we also introduce our candidates to the German Culture, Work Ethics, Mannerisms, and basic knowledge about the country. This part of the programme is specifically designed to help our candidates to better understand the culture beforehand to enable them to settle easily and prevent a cultural shock. Training Units- 30 Units


    In the Process of Learning about the Vocational Study Abroad Program, You can make an appointment with our counsellor to get a better understanding, Our Counselling Program is always free. Please enter your Information in the form below. Name *

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